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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Harumi Tsuyuzaki -- Tender Trap

(excerpt only)

Last summer when I posted my first article on J-R&B songstress Harumi Tsuyuzaki(露崎春女), I mentioned about this song that I loved from her 4th studio album, "Believe Yourself" but couldn't find any sign of it on the Net. Well, my search is over as you can check above.

Now, I wrote about the title track from the album, and it, along with the other single release from it, "Feel So Real", were fine enough songs, but my favourite song from "Believe Yourself" has got to be "Tender Trap". I'm being very biased here but I wondered why this one didn't get its own release. From Tsuyuzaki's explosive intro (I can understand the comparison to Mariah Carey) to the horns to the contagiously fun music, it's one of my favourite songs of the genre, period.

And what a pedigree, too. The music is by Satoru Shionoya (塩谷哲)who was the pianist from the amazing salsa band, Orquesta De La Luz and has worked with Chikuzen Sato (佐藤竹善)of Sing Like Talking numerous times (as has Tsuyuzaki). And the lyrics are by CHAKA from PSY-S, someone who also carries a set of vocal cords like a sonic weapon. I'd always thought that Shionoya's melody here would've been fine as a theme for some sort of romantic comedy (the title helps), but CHAKA's lyrics also read like a script from such a show....about someone who can't seem to shake off a particular suitor but may not really want to, either. Mind you, this sort of plot probably has been recycled for about half the dramas that have been seen on Japanese TV since the mid-80s, but hey, it's the song that I'm talking about. And I hope that it was just as fun for the singer as it has been for my ears.

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