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Friday, May 9, 2014

Yu Hayami/Meiko Nakahara -- Caribbean Night

(excerpt only)

I heard got my own copy of Yu Hayami's (早見優)"Caribbean Night" on one of those Hong Kong compilation tapes of Japanese music at Wah Yueh one day. For a while, I was positively obsessed with this song so I put the tape through its paces to the extent that I'd be afraid to play it now, lest it finally self-destruct.

Written and composed by Meiko Nakahara (中原めいこ)as Hayami's 21st single from July 1987, I enjoyed the R&B-tinged melody which reminds me a bit of some of Anri's (杏里)and Yoko Oginome's (荻野目洋子)output at the same time, and I think Hayami was actually one of the smoother-sounding aidoru. And certainly, as one of the tanned beauties with a great smile and armed with fluent English ability, she stood out among the dozens of other teenage singers behind the mike.

I did find a YouTube video of Hayami performing "Caribbean Night" at TV Asahi. One of the lyrics goes "Oh, no, oh, no" and it describes the video pretty well since it looks like the tape here is on its way to self-destructing. However, if you have the patience, feel free to give it a try. As for the song itself, I don't think it managed to get onto an original album of hers, but it is on one of her BEST albums, "Thank YU - 30th Anniversary Single Best" which came out in 2012.

Also, Nakahara did a cover of her own creation on her 8th album from 1988, "Kagami no Naka no Actress"(鏡の中のアクトレス...The Actress in the Mirror).

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