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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reiko Kato -- Love Motion

I have a very uncommon relation with Reiko Kato (かとうれいこ). Well, maybe not so uncommon. The truth is I really like her and all the eurobeat stuff she released early in her career. Also, she was diferent from your typical aidoru, even if her facial expressions were cute and lovely. I’m saying that basically bacause her music video collections were just like her sexy image videos, but with her songs playing at the background. In other words, they were not just music videos, but a way to Reiko show off her amazing and busty body, which was her main selling point. And that really applies to the music video for “Love Motion”, which was filmed for her debut music video collection "LISTEN TO YOUR HEART" in 1990.

While the song is not the most adventurous one, but just a catchy eurobeat pop song, “Love Motion” has its charm. Also, while the clubby beats of the original song (yes, it’s a cover) were toned down to result in Reiko’s poppy version, the jarring synths that gives the listener an euphoric feeling were unmodified. As for the video, it’s what it is! We just have to wait for Reiko’s bikini scenes to arrive and give us a moment of innocent pleasure. What a “healthy” girl she was during the early 90s!!!

You can listen to Superlove’s original extended version of “How Deep Is Your Love” (that’s the name of the original song) below. Although it’s not among eurobeat’s strongest offers, it’s a fun song.

Apparently, Reiko’s “Love Motion” was released for the first time in the “Special!” compilation, which was released in 1991.


  1. Hey, Marcos.

    I was aware that the buxom Kato had had a singing career, but I mostly knew her for her frequent appearances on variety shows as a tarento. She sounds like a mix of ZARD and an aidoru singer.

    1. She truly was the kind of tarento that would appear more on variety shows than proper music shows. Even though her main selling point was her beauty, I don't think she had the worst vocals. I'll probably buy her Golden Best compilation someday.

      About ZARD, I know ot was a famous band, but I never truly payed any attention to them. To be honest, I'm not very fan of the Being artists. It was a trend between the aidoru era and the TK family that I didn't quite get into. I'll probably try ZARD later just because the girl is pretty, you know?

    2. Yeah, I think I may have mentioned this before in another comment, but when vocalist Izumi Sakai passed away, I was a bit surprised that her death didn't register very much amongst the non-Japanese J-Pop community. As for Sakai being pretty, she had actually been a pin-up model for a bit before taking up the music business.


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