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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Toko Furuuchi -- Rule(ルール)

I was hoping for the longest time to feature this song by Toko Furuuchi(古内東子). "Rule" shows up as the track following "Dare Yori Suki Nanoni"(誰より好きなのに), her big hit from her 5th album, "Hourglass" in 1996. It's perfect listening material for that sunny Sunday morning breakfast or brunch with that groovy keyboard and Furuuchi's silky vocals. I think probably next to "Dare Yori", "Rule" would be my favourite song from the album.

Written and composed by Furuuchi, the singer-songwriter muses about why there has to be so much red tape and thinking involved in just trying to meet the person you like. Amen to that. The song comes off as a soft admonishment and encouragement to just do what feels right instead of wracking the old melon for days on end.

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