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Monday, June 30, 2014

Akemi Ishii -- Je t'aime (Kanashimi no Mieru Mado) (ジュ・テーム ~ 悲しみの見える窓)

I've got a few albums by Akemi Ishii(石井明美), one of them being her BEST release, but I have yet to get my copy of her debut album from November 1986, "Mona Lisa". Of course, from that one I know her smash hit debut single, "CHA-CHA-CHA" but that was about it.

Then, just by accident a couple of nights ago, I discovered this track from "Mona Lisa" titled "Je t'aime - Kanashimi no Mieru Mado" (The Window That Can See Sadness). Fairly depressing title but the song itself is pretty nice...has that nighttime urban contemporary feeling to it. "Je t'aime" was written by Hiromi Mori (森浩美)and composed by Akihiro Yoshimi(吉実 明宏).

The Japanese, generally seem to have a love for all things Gallic, and in the case of at least one former French president, the love was very much reciprocated. In terms of all things music, the expression "Je t'aime" has made for a popular title or lyric in a number of songs including Ishii's entry here. I recollect one aidoru song using it as a refrain and there was a Ruiko Kurahashi (倉橋ルイ子)song with that title, as well. Perhaps the other big French word in kayo kyoku/J-Pop usage would be "amour".

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