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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Noriko Miyamoto -- Lovely City

Tokyo may have some of the toughest rush hours imaginable and the most expensive coffee (although coffee shops selling cheap stuff also exist...hello, Doutor) but I still loved working in it although technically speaking, I never lived in it. And I loved walking through the various sections of those 23 wards when I had my time off. I believe both Toronto and New York City have been described as "cities of neighbourhoods", and Tokyo can also belong to that group. There is the pristine and gleaming look of West Shinjuku (as shown above), the teenage mecca of Shibuya and the old-style if slightly touristy Asakusa among other different areas. Opinions will of course vary widely but I found the Big Sushi to be a lovely city.

Oh my word...the 80s and their big hair! Noriko "Mimi" Miyamoto(宮本典子)was rocking that Farrah Fawcett look back then, wasn't she? She probably went through half a bottle of cream rinse a night. But I'm obviously not interested in commenting on her do. Instead, I just want to appreciate a track from her 1982 album "Noriko".

"Lovely City" is your lovely mid-tempo mellow tune delivered by the big voice of Miyamoto. She rather reminds me of Cleo Laine sometimes when she sings. Plus of course, those sounds of the guitar, the bass and the keyboards couldn't be more City Pop. Unfortunately I couldn't track down who was responsible for the words and music behind it, but I'd like to provide my compliments. I think "Lovely City" would be something nice to hear performed at a summer sunset concert outdoors but any live house would do as well.

I've heard some of the other tracks from "Noriko". Wouldn't mind getting that album as well.

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