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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Noriko Sakai -- Kagami no Dress (鏡のドレス)

With all of the trials and tribulations pounding upon ASKA over the past several weeks due to his drug problems (although the police didn't have enough evidence to indict him this time), I've been reminded of former 80s aidoru Noriko Sakai(酒井法子)due to the drug scandal that she and her ex-husband had gotten mired in. I wonder what she is doing now. When I checked her J-Wiki article, the most recent news was that she was supposed to have appeared in some stage performance in 2014 but then suddenly left the show just before its premiere.

Marcos V. wrote about Nori-P's 27th single "Aoi Usagi"(碧いうさぎ...Blue Rabbit)which was the theme song for a popular drama that she starred in "Hoshi no Kinka"(星の金貨...Gold Coins of the Stars)back in 1995. For this article, I'm writing up about the theme song for the sequel to that drama which was titled "Zoku - Hoshi no Kinka"(続・星の金貨....Gold Coins of the Stars: The Sequel), and this was also sung by Sakai as her 29th single.

Released in October 1996, "Kagami no Dress" (A Mirror Dress) is this vulnerable-sounding ballad that has Sakai wishing for that desirable young man to help her out of her sadness. There's nothing like synthesized pan flutes to help set the proper mood. I never saw the drama but I did enjoy the song enough that I ended up getting the CD single. Listening to the song and especially the performance above, I think that Nori-P really broke out of that aidoru mold. Her vocals sounded quite a bit more mature than I remembered them back in the 1980s although they weren't exactly Akina-deep.

"Kagami no Dress" was written by Rara Miura(三浦らら)and composed by Kyoichi Usamoto(宇佐元恭一). I don't know how it did on Oricon, but at this point, I'm hoping that the singer is doing well somewhere.

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