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Saturday, December 31, 2016

bonobos -- Cruisin' Cruisin'

Well, continuing along with my theme of "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" today on New Year's Eve, here is the "something new" segment.

Bonobos is a band that I've known for one song and one song only thus far. That would be one of my biggest earworms titled "Thank You For The Music" which came out over a decade ago. Whenever I hear the boom-boom-thwack beat ring out in my memories, I just feel like searching for the song again.

In recent years, though, the band has also been helping out on an NHK kids' program that comes on just before the news, "Nyanchu World Hoso Kyoku"(ニャンちゅうワールド放送局...Nyanchu's World Broadcasting Corporation). Of course, the music provided by the band there is a lot more geared towards the little ones.

However, I did find this song that had come out as part of bonobos' latest album from September 2016, "23-ku" (23区...23 Wards). Titled "Cruisin' Cruisin'", it's actually a nice slice of slow-groovin' soul written and composed by vocalist Chunho Sai(蔡忠浩). The riffs and Sai's crooning of the title have created a new bonobos earworm for my head, and the song actually takes me more into the territory of Tomita Lab and Sing Like Talking.

But that official music video is perfect for the song. Listening to this while admiring the view on a rooftop looking out at Tokyo Sky Tree is just the tonic. I've been hearing about the flood of Air BnBs that have shown up in the metropolis over the last year or so. Wouldn't it be wonderful to track a place down with that sort of view?

Judging from the title of bonobos' album which refers to the 23 wards of Tokyo, I wonder if the release is going for a more urban contemporary beat. If so, I wouldn't mind perusing the tracks further.

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