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Monday, December 12, 2016

Kahoru Kohiruimaki -- Forget the Memories (フォゲット・ザ・メモリーズ)

It's around this time that I start thanking my blessings and "Kayo Kyoku Plus" is no exception. I'm grateful for this wonderful hobby and project that is now approaching its 5th anniversary. I am also very thankful to the various people who have commented and collaborated with me such as Noelle and Marcos right now and those in the past such as JTM and nikala.

Moreover, I'm grateful for those Japanese singers who have their own YouTube channels with videos of their songs available for import. I know that they weren't meant to be imported by little ol' me but I'm still happy that I've been able to make use of them for the many articles without having to worry too much about losing them least for a good long while.

Such is the case with Kahoru Kohiruimaki(小比類巻かほる). The Aomori-born singer-songwriter's YouTube account is chock-filled with video goodies. And one of those videos happens to be for "Forget the Memories", a track from her 8th album "Silent" from 1991. As is the case with the bass-heavy starting track "Mirage Mirror", "Forget the Memories" is anything but silent. It's not quite up there as one of my very favourite Kohhy songs but it still has that nice combination of horns and disco strings. The video made me wonder if it were made to be the funkiest tribute to Lassie, though.

The song was written by Kohhy and composed by Yoshiaki Ohuchi(大内義昭). I'm not sure if I had ever mentioned this in any of the recent articles but I was surprised to find out that Ohuchi had sadly passed away in May 2015 at the age of 55 due to an undisclosed illness. Some of the singer's best material was due to the collaboration between her and Ohuchi. I had thought that the duo was so tight that they may have been a romantic pair but actually, the late singer and composer was married to a former NHK announcer. In any case, I certainly won't forget what he was able to forge during those prime years in the late 80s and early 90s.

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