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Sunday, December 11, 2016

COLDFEET -- In My Lucid Dream

A few nights ago, I wrote about Mika Nakashima's(中島美嘉)"SEVEN" which had been a collaboration between her and a music duo called COLDFEET.

I mentioned in that article that their music was supposedly based on House, Breakbeats and Drum n' Bass. So I had been expecting their work to be sort sort of techno spun in the middle of a darkened room with strobe lights going off like explosions and a DJ frenetically spinning the turntables. However, listening to some of COLDFEET's material on YouTube, I've found out that vocalist/songwriter Lori Fine and programmer/musician Watusi have been a lot more melodic.

Case in point: their 4th maxi single from February 2000, "In My Lucid Dream" which pleasantly delighted me with a mixed Latin melody that sounded like it came from the late 1980s and early 1990s. And to add onto the nostalgia, the beautiful Fine has a delivery that reminded me of singers from that era such as Corinne Drewery from Swing Out Sister and Basia (yup, I've got their CDs as well).

Up to this point, COLDFEET has released 6 maxi singles, 13 albums on CD, and 16 analog albums.

Not much in the way of techno in this one but it's sure nice to listen to. If my dreams were all scored this way...


  1. Ah. I track I know, but the vocals ruin it for me tbh. I much prefer this version:

    1. Hi, Gen.

      Yeah, I think for me, the original version is more my thing. :)


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