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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chiharu Higa -- La La Life

Earlier this month, I was watching the variety game show "VS Arashi" as I usually do on Friday evenings, and the show regularly brings in a fairly wide spectrum of actors and tarento and comedians. Well, that one night, I encountered one fellow in his early 20s who was quite overwhelmingly ebullient.

His name is Ryucheru/りゅうちぇる (real name: Ryuji Higa/比嘉龍二), and he's a young magazine model who has recently made his way to TV fame, often amusing and/or bemusing his fellow celebrities and hosts.

While I was trying to find out some information about Ryucheru, I found out on both J-Wiki and Wikipedia that he has a sister in her 30s who is Okinawan singer-songwriter Chiharu Higa(比花知春). Then moving onto YouTube, I found this very pleasant song by her titled "La La Life" which had been released earlier this year as part of her single, "Good".

Higa has this refreshingly soothing and velvety voice and paired up with the mellow happy-go-lucky melody that's she created, "La La Life" is a pretty nice way to pick up the spirits especially after some of the sad news I've been getting about the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher. The video has Higa and everyone encouraging folks to put up that thumb. Everything's OK.

Like a number of other popular acts that have come from Okinawa such as SPEED and Namie Amuro(安室奈美恵), Higa herself attended the Okinawa Actors' School in her early teenage years before picking up a guitar at 17 and then writing songs at 20. In 2002, she made her major debut with "Kimi wo Wasurenai"(君を忘れない...I Won't Forget You).

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