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Friday, May 17, 2019

Eddy Yamamoto -- Making Love

I'd never heard of this fellow before but during my explorations through YouTube last night, I just happened to find the following video.

Usually the first thing that I grab after I take a shower is my tube of Voltaren muscle pain cream, but this guy? I see that he may be a man of culture taking a bite out of that tomato following his shower.

This is singer-songwriter Eddy Yamamoto(エディ山本)and I haven't been able to get much information on him. However, I was able to glean from this Ameba blog that he probably debuted in December 1980 with his single "Ai wo Kokoro ni"(愛を心に...Love In Your Heart), after winning the grand prize at the 20th annual Yamaha Popular Song Contest in October that year and then another prize at the 11th World Popular Song Festival a month later. He has since released two albums: "Dream Hunter" in 1984 and "This Guy" in 1986.

From "Dream Hunter" comes this song represented here in this article, "Making Love" which I think was written and composed by Yamamoto. It's fresh 1980s City Pop right from the intro with that sweet sax and horns. Then on hearing the lad sing, I soon realized that he's got quite the voice, faintly reminiscent of Gino Vannelli. "Making Love" has got that Doobie Bros. riff and could have probably had me boogieing around my bedroom in my towel after a shower in earlier years...provided that I took showers in the morning. It sounds like one of those wake-up types of City Pop tunes. As I hinted at the first paragraph underneath the video, I don't quite have the energy or flexibility anymore to bust a move even after a relaxing shower.

Aside from the information that I was able to find out so far, I don't know where Yamamoto hails from or what he's done since his 80s albums, although I believe that he has a Twitter account. In any good case, I'm glad to have found him at last.

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