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Friday, May 24, 2019

Yoko Maeno -- Ai no Hitojichi(愛の人質)

Another Friday night is upon us so hey, let's go with City Pop here. I found this song by Yoko Maeno(前野曜子)titled in a sultry way "Ai no Hitojichi" (Hostage to Love).

A track from her 7th and final album "Twilight" from 1982, "Ai no Hitojichi" is this urbane but wistful song with a slightly sexy streak thanks to Maeno's vocals. I like some of that twiddling on the keyboards and the horns that accompany her. Just my opinion, but I think from Maeno's singing, this sounds like a 1970s City Pop tune given some of that 1980s arrangement.

I wasn't able to find out who took care of words and music but I do appreciate that nighttime vibe that emanates from the song. It kinda reflects a very smart evening out on the town. Finally, I also like that cover on the album. Simply stated, I have a soft spot for twilight-themed photos.

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