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Tuesday, November 25, 2014 -- Dempari Night (でんぱーりーナイト)

2014 couldn’t end without a new infectious (でんぱ組.inc) single. Like I said in the “Sakura Apparition” (サクラあっぱれーしょん) post, even though I know since late 2011, it wasn’t until this year that I became a fan of them. Based on that, I was scary that I could possibly dislike their new single “Dempari Night”, which, thankfully, didn’t happen.

“Dempari Night” is a very strong offer from the group, and this time they’re doing a Latin/Carnival themed song, which, as far as I know, is a new thing for them. Not that this theme is innovative, as every other pop act in the world has at least one Latin song in their catalogue, but, as I learned to expect from, their songs are always well seasoned with some special twists.

Released in late November 2014, “Dempari Night” is a trip, in the best way possible. The Latin thematic is mixed with some dark-tinged parade touches and circus elements as well. Also, the whole song is very theatrical, something that is not a surprise coming from One highlight, for example, is when the frantic arrangement gives place to Nemu “green” Yumemi (夢眠ねむ) and Moga “purple” Mogami (最上もが) singing lonely and cold lines before the other girls, especially the incredible funny Eimi “yellow” Naruse (成瀬瑛美), appears and the whole hyper-energetic performance takes over again. It’s a good change of pace that breaks the overall stormy mood of the song and introduces new introspective elements... and again, that’s typical Dempa.

The chorus, as it’s meant to be, is also a special thing with all its dramaticity, a feeling that culminates in the redemptive fairy-tale-esque grand finale (it reminded me of the party thrown at the end of “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”. Click here for the scene). In the end, just nailed this song and contributed to make 2014 a great year for aidoru music. I hope they keep things at a high level in 2015.

Lyrics, music and arrangement for “Dempari Night” were done by Tamaya2060% (玉屋2060%), but Shunsuke Tsuri (釣俊輔) also worked on the arrangement.


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