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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

KurikaMaki -- Kuma to Nadeshiko (クマトナデシコ)

It’s just very rewarding that after a tiring day I was able to discover a cool new aidoru song while watching a special edit with some performances of this year’s TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL (that’s the show you need to keep an eye out for if you want to catch up with the newest aidoru acts). That’s how I felt after watching “Kuma to Nadeshiko” by ex-duo KurikaMaki (くりかまき). Now, they're a trio named AyumiKurikaMaki (あゆみくりかまき). And guess what? The name of the group is just composed of the girls first names, so nothing very fancy here.

“Kuma to Nadeshiko” was released in March 2014, and it’s just a fun Technopop song with a catchy chorus and lots of lively synths. Besides the main synth melody, I really like how they incorporated video game-like synths when the girls were aternatingly singing the verses.

The video is also very fun and entertaining for a fairly unknown aidoru unit. The two girls that were part of the unit at the time are wearing cute bear costumes (they even have one for summer and other for winter), which I discovered later it’s their gimmick (another gimmick is that they’re DJ unit). Also, the dancing parts are truly enjoyable, but one awkward thing caught my eyes... the scene where the girls have to lick the sword. First off, I interpretated they’re bears enjoying a good meal coming from the bamboo stick, but I soon realized they don’t seem like panda bears, which kind of invalidate this thesis. Well, I just think they could have been less racy here, huh?

“Kuma to Nadeshiko” reached #41 on the Oricon charts. Lyrics were written by kyon, while music was composed by y0c1e. As for the arrangement, APPAZY & U.M.E.D.Y were the responsibles.

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