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Friday, November 28, 2014

Masayoshi Oishi -- Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai (君じゃなきゃダメみたい)

I've mentioned that I've had a good time watching the droll and gentle humour of the slice-of-life anime "Shirokuma Cafe" with all those zoo animals cracking wise. And so was the case with "Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?" which dealt with some moe girls working in various cafes.

Well, it seems like humourous slice-of-life has been my sub-genre of anime this past year. Another show that my anime buddy and I enjoyed during its run (and I do hope that a second series is in the offing) is "Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun"(月刊少女野崎くん...Girls' Monthly Nozaki-kun). The story of a talented and stoically hulky high school boy,Umetaro Nozaki, who quietly draws girls' comics, he and his buddies make up one big gang of wacky quirks. For me, humour is my spice when it comes to anime, and I got my rack's worth whenever I caught this show.

I've also warmed up to the opening theme for "Nozaki-kun". Masayoshi Oishi's(大石昌良)"Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai" (Seems It Can't Be Anyone Other Than You). It sounds like a particularly fun performance by a busker outside of Shibuya Station one weekend right from the get-go as Oishi just takes that guitar and runs with it. I also love the horns....but for people who have been regularly reading my articles know that I'm a sucker for a good horn section. Oishi took care of both music and lyrics, and it seems like he's taking on the Nozaki role as he sings about how he can't seem to get the words out that he actually loves his assistant (Chiyo Sakura who is relatively more open about her love for Nozaki), although in the anime itself, he stays resolutely K.Y. when it comes to any romance.

For Oishi (who wrote his name in katakana for this song...オーイシマサヨシ), "Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai" is his 6th single since debuting in 2008. The song managed to peak at No. 23 after its release in August 2014. He has released 4 albums.


  1. Nozaki-kun was definitely one of this year's sleeper hits it seemed. It had a special charm and appeal that made it stand out from your average anime romcom.

    1. Hi, Ryan.

      Yeah, I have to say that Nozaki-kun was the one anime this year that had me openly laughing at a number of the scenes.


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