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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mai Yamane -- In Love

I heard this song by Mai Yamane(山根麻以)"In Love" last night and I immediately exhaled as if I were unloosing some of the stresses of the day...which I was. At least for me, this song was that sort of song, the aural equivalent of that special someone to meet you at the door and escort you gently to your favourite area of the sofa before pouring you a Brown Cow (inside blog joke) following a hard day at work. Yup, it's that relaxing.

"In Love" was a track on Yamane's 2nd album, "Sorry" from 1981, and although her contributions to the legendary "Cowboy Be-Bop" were years away, I think this particular ballad would have made for a fine addition to that anime's soundtrack. And although I mentioned above that this would be a fine song to hear at home, I think this would also fit into a car stereo while taking a nice drive in the city.

The ballad was written by Kumiko Tomoi(友井久美子)and Funky Chick while the laid back music was provided by Makoto Matsushita(松下誠), a guitarist who is not unfamiliar with the slow groove. I've already got Yamane's debut album "Tasogare"...y'know, I wouldn't mind making another investment into one of her early releases.

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