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Friday, February 19, 2016

Yasuhisa Watanabe -- North Star from "Senko no Rondo" (旋光の輪舞)

During the music session at my anime buddy's house the other day, he decided to throw in a bit of game music and it happened to be track from some game called "Senko no Rondo" which translates directly as "Polarimetric Round Dance". However, the English version was gratefully re-named "WarTech".

I never played nor even heard of this game but as soon as my buddy played the track "North Star" on those huge airplane wing speakers of his, I sat up and took notice. Yup, I realize that it is background music for a couple of robots shooting the heck out of each other but still it's pretty compelling stuff to listen to on its own. Especially two-thirds of the way into the track when the dramatic dance-pop techno suddenly makes a shift into something that hit me like good ol' City Pop with a computer edge where I was in a car racing down a really cool low-ceiling tunnel before suddenly launching out into a bright and clean futuristic metropolis out of some utopian anime. I wish I could have this track in a sports car the next time I'm in Tokyo. Mind you, I wish I could just drive.

"Senko no Rondo" was released back in 2005 and game music composer Yasuhisa Watanabe(渡部恭久)was responsible for the soundtrack.

Nope, not "Senko no Rondo".
The guys decided to go with "Street Fighter".

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