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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Toshinobu Kubota -- Cry On Your Smile

Almost done with another work week here. It hasn't been too bad...the usual translations to be done and I just have to take care of a few more tomorrow before declaring the weekend....Super Bowl weekend!

So, I decided to go with some calming R&B via Toshinobu Kubota's(久保田利伸)"Cry On Your Smile". This was his 4th single from October 1987 and his first Top 10 hit, peaking at No. 8. Written by Masumi Kawamura(川村真澄)and composed by Kubota himself, this was a title that I've always remembered from that first BEST album, "The Baddest", which I'd purchased in Gunma all those years ago. I was inspired to pick it up after seeing some of the junior high school girls do a rather intriguing march to one of the tracks.

Nice and croony, I think "Cry On Your Smile" was that one tune which finally got Kubota on the fame map. Kawamura and Kubota also collaborated for a few more songs together such as "Oh! What A Night!" and "Time Shower ni Utarete"(TIMEシャワーに射たれて・・・). I guess there is nothing like an R&B ballad to show off those impressive pipes.

The other reason I put up Kubota tonight was in tribute to another R&B crooner from the other side of the Pacific who sadly has become the latest singer from my memories to pass into history. All the best to you, Maurice White.

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