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Friday, July 20, 2018

LUVRAW & BTB -- Dori Summa

Since I first heard LUVRAW through the episodes of the wild n' zany anime "Space Dandy"(スペース☆ダンディ)with its great set of music, there was something that hooked me about this fellow with his vocoder/talkbox.

There's surprisingly not any J-Wiki article on LUVRAW or even a website dedicated to him (if anyone knows, let me know). And apparently he's got a partner-in-crime named BTB. So, perhaps LUVRAW & BTB are kinda like Chage & Aska in name....and kinda like Daft Punk in sound.

What I could find out was that their first album came out in 2010, "Yokohama City Breeze", and I've been in thrall to one of the tracks, "Dori Summa" which is that hard-to-categorize melange of music that I also like in a song. LUVRAW & BTB have been listed as an electronica duo but through "Dori Summa", I can hear some of that old-style funk and perhaps some City Pop in there, too. I'd say that there was old and new in this track, and it's darn tasty and catchy.

Perhaps if we go with the title of the album, "Dori Summa" would be a nice song to enjoy while driving with the top down over the Yokohama Bay Bridge.

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