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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Machiko Watanabe -- Hoshi Furu Yoru ni Ki wo Tsukete(星降る夜に気を付けて)

I actually heard this on YouTube's J-Channel last week and I was rather glad that I could find it elsewhere on the site.

Not knowing too much of Machiko Watanabe's(渡辺真知子)material after the 1970s, it's great to know that she's been behind songs such as "Hoshi Furu Yoru ni Ki wo Tsukete" (Be Careful on the Night When The Stars Fall) which was a track on her 1987 album "Soi".  Written by Watanabe and composed by Minoru Komorita(小森田実), the song is an appealing mix of that late 1980s sophisticated City Pop, sultry Latin and perhaps even a hint of Matt Bianco. It's pretty darn classy; I can only see this in the setting of some of the more expensive parts of Tokyo, and Watanabe's voice gracefully adorns any imagined couple tripping the light fantastic on the tango floor.

It's too bad that the original recorded version can only be heard as an excerpt at iTunes or on the J-Channel radio if you're lucky to catch it when it comes up. Still, I've heard it and now I want to get it.


  1. She's very good and smart composer and what I liked about her songs is that words are often very nicely rhymed. Japanese lyrics fits extremely well with songs so I can get it perfectly without looking at sheets.

    NHK hosts the annual Tohoku concert next week and this year Watanabe Machiko is on the bill.

    The show is on TV
    July 28th, 18:05 pm to 18:43 (NHK Sogo 1 Channel, Japan Time zone).

    I checked the Japanese website and she will play "Kamome ga Tonda Hi" and a song called "Beautiful". I am curious about "Beautiful" as I think that's not her song and most likely (Japanese) Superfly Cover.

    - Hanibo

    1. Hello, Hanibo.

      Yes, I have a feeling that Ms. Watanabe has been somewhat underrated all these years in terms of her songwriting abilities. I figured that for the Tohoku concert she would sing either "Kamome" or "Mayoi Michi", but that's good that she's also going to sing something different as well.


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