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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Kengo Kurozumi -- Juggler

It's probably the most hip-shaking tune that I have ever heard for a fellow who throws and catches multiple objects in the air but from looking at the lyrics by Naoko Nishio(西尾尚子), I think "Juggler" doesn't really have anything to do with a juggler.

But, man, is it a catchy song! A bonus track on the CD version of Kengo Kurozumi's(黒住憲五)1982 debut album "Again", it's got that nice melange of disco, Latin and that native Japanese City Pop and Kurozumi, who also composed "Juggler", sounds a lot like Tatsuro Yamashita(山下達郎)here. Well, if you're going to emulate someone, why not emulate the best?

Going back to those lyrics by Nishio, it's all about tripping the light fantastic and painting the town red. I've read through a lot of YouTube comments for a number of those City Pop songs in which folks wish they could go back in time to those early 1980s in Tokyo. Lucky I had my brief experience of Tokyo life in 1981! Wouldn't it be natsukashii to play Space Invaders on one of those tabletop machines in a cafe around now?

As I said, "Juggler" is actually one of three bonus tracks on the CD release of "Again" but unfortunately unless you are willing to pay some good yen on for the rare album, we may all be out of luck. However, the LP is there at Tower Records Japan at a considerably lower price but without "Juggler" and the other bonus tracks. Still, I may consider investing in the vinyl if tracks like "Pastel Love" are any indication.

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