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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Keiko Kimura -- Natsu no Antenna(夏のアンテナ)

Man, what a day and night! Got plunked with a huge mound of files to translate so I was literally working in my steamy room for almost 12 hours. I did take my lunch and dinner breaks and kept myself hydrated so that I didn't end up needing to call 911. Can't complain, though, since it does mean more income that way.

Up to now, the only articles that I've written about Keiko Kimura(木村恵子)have dealt with the tracks from her debut album "Style" from 1988 which I would put across as a City Pop/Pop endeavour.

Well, I recently came across this number performed by Kimura which actually leads off her 2nd album "Ambiva" from 1989. The article by kaz-shin on his "Music Avenue" mentions that the singer-songwriter goes deeper into the pop vein this time, and first track "Natsu no Antenna" (Summer Antenna) illustrates that.

Even the cover for "Ambiva" shows Kimura in a different light when compared to the atmospheric visage she gives in "Style". There she is driving in style with her partner....Pingu? In any case, "Natsu no Antenna" even has her singing style sounding a bit brighter as she takes thing from the city and onto the highway bombing toward the coast as a different form of that sophisticated pop with which I've often associated some female singers in the latter half of the 1980s. I'm usually not all that crazy about synths emulating jazz, but here it doesn't sound bad at all. Kimura apparently composed 8 of the 10 tracks on the album so it's likely that she's taken care of this one.

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