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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Yuki Yagi -- Tak a ja lubię.

Behold the insidious anison earworm! So simple and yet it can enter your brain innocently and wrap itself around your cerebral cortex so thoroughly to be a resident for days (yes, once again, a "Wrath of Khan" reference).

And once again, this is something that I stumbled across during another browsing through YouTube. Apparently, there is this game called "Kakuchou Shoujo-kei Trinary"(拡張少女系トライナリー...Augmented Reality Girls Trinary)which debuted in April 2017 with the simultaneous debut of its anime version. My anime buddy never introduced it in the sessions and perhaps it was way too moe even for him.

One of the character songs that probably got inserted into either the Blu-Ray or even the game revolved around teenage assassin Gabriela Lotalwinska (apologies if I spelled it incorrectly). Titled "Tak a ja lubię.", it's the first time I've ever heard Polish (or maybe faux-Polish, according to some of the YouTube comments) being incorporated into an anison; the title actually means "Yes, I Like It".

Well, yes, I like it, too (I'm kinda sounding like an old Irish Spring commercial). After hearing it the first couple of times, I could slowly feel the addiction coming on, and in the video above, Gabriela doing the gestures with the "PaPa TuTu WaWa" lyrics was the gaffer that got this old fish in the gills. In fact on YouTube, it's been labeled the "PaPa TuTu WaWa" song. It's sung by the seiyuu for Gabriela, Yuki Yagi(八木侑紀), and part of the reason for the earworm effect is her kittenish sing-song vocals.

As I thought about the song and its appealingly weird arrangement, I had wondered if "Tak a ja lubię." was actually created by someone outside of Japan. Perhaps it was even a cover of a Polish folk song. But checking the J-Wiki article for "Kakuchou Shoujo-kei Trinary", it was created by game creator Akira Tsuchiya(土屋暁)and composer Umuya Aneta(姉田ウ夢ヤ). Mind you, I also got a whiff of Shibuya-kei from the song along the lines of Doopees. In any case, the video and song have captured me. And I think it captured a lot of other folks as well considering the number of YouTube videos devoted to it. I've even seen those 10-hour versions which would pay tribute to its earworm status.

Gabriela first ponders whether or not to get a toaster or a rice cooker. Hey, why not both? Amazon's got good deals. The founder can certainly afford both or a hundred of each.

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