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Friday, July 13, 2018

Yutaka Yokokura -- Love Light

It's gonna be one of my crazier analogies here but bear with me. There is an ancient Bugs Bunny cartoon titled "Lumber Jack Bunny" which has the wily rabbit dealing with Paul Bunyan's intrepid gigantic dog, and the most memorable scene for me has always been the one where Bugs finally turns the tables on the canine when he does him a huge solid by scratching his back. The motions of ecstasy that Fido reveals have always remained with me.

I completely understood where Paul's dog was coming from as I was listening to this song for the first time a few minutes ago. I had done my quota of two today but after deciding to go through "Love Light" twice, I just had to include this one as the third article tonight.

And yet, I had thought that this would be the first time I would be putting Yutaka Yokokura(横倉裕)into "Kayo Kyoku Plus". Well, it is still the first time under that name as a solo artist, but actually he's already been placed twice on the blog, and recently, too. Geez, I remember a Warner Bros. cartoon that aired when I was a toddler and yet I can't remember a fellow who was mentioned in two articles I wrote in May! He was the fellow who was responsible for creating one of the tracks on Tomoko Fujita's(藤田朋子)album "The Woman In Me" and he was in the band NOVO.

Well, getting back to "Love Light" which was the title track for his first solo album released in 1978, who would have thought that I could hear something so wonderfully soulful with a koto in there? It's a duet with Lani Groves and the Patti Austin. To me, Groves has got a voice that resembles that of the legendary Stevie Wonder in a much more low-key way and he's a master at the aforementioned Japanese musical instrument. And this is the type of R&B that I love and miss so much as someone who listened to a lot of DeBarge and James Ingram.

After listening to "Love Light" those two times, I immediately went to see if I could find a copy of the album on CD or even in its original LP format. Alas, it is currently under the dreaded haiban status. YouTube is all I got right now, but that's fine. I will still waggle my ears like Paul's dog whenever I hear this one.


  1. Yutaka, Patti Austin & Dave Grusin ..

    1. Thanks very much, liver deux. It's a lovely video for the song. Is that your creation?


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