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Monday, July 23, 2018

Stardust Revue -- Kon'ya Dake Kitto(今夜だけきっと)

Another happy-sounding single from Stardust Revue(スターダストレビュー), a band that I sometimes think has been vastly underrated all these decades. Case in point, their 9th single, "Kon'ya Dake Kitto" (Only Tonight For Sure), released in June 1986, only went as high as No. 92 on Oricon and sold just 13,000 records, and yet, it has become one of the most requested numbers on the band's playlist at concerts. Perhaps it can be considered to be the "It's A Wonderful Life" of Japanese pop in the 1980s.

Maybe at the time, there was a clog of really sunny, summery songs getting out into the market but "Kon'ya Dake Kitto" is really a nice heartwarming tune about optimism. Going through the lyrics by vocalist Kaname Nemoto(根本要)and Akira Teshima(手島昭), my impression is that the guy had a fight with his girlfriend but any lingering wisps of anger ought to blow away by the next morning...hopefully.

As I said, the melody, also by Nemoto, is sunny and summery, and I couldn't help but feel that if I hadn't found out the source of the music, I would have easily thought it was a piece created by Tatsuro Yamashita(山下達郎)or Eiichi Ohtaki(大滝詠一). Basically, "Kon'ya Dake Kitto" has that Niagara sound imbued in it. Considering some of the dark times that are upon us, wouldn't it be nice to be serenaded with this as J-Pop fans? The song also made it on Stardust Revue's 4th album "Voice" which was released in April 1986.

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