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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Michiru Maki -- Kieta Namida(消えた涙)

Man, what I wouldn't do to get access to some of that rebound energy from singer Michiru Maki(槙みちる). She could probably cure a rainy day and a cold simultaneously.

Commenter haniwa hanibo recommended a song by Maki the other day but I wasn't able to find it on YouTube so I did some more scrounging around and found "Kieta Namida" (Dried Tears) instead. This was actually the B-side to her hit single "Wakaitte Subarashii"(若いってすばらしい)from 1966. It was the same lyricist who took care of "Kieta Namida" as well, Kazumi Yasui(安井かずみ), while Osamu Shoji(東海林修)provided the music that has that hint of novelty pop with the beefy sax in there.

I'm not sure whether this B-side ever saw the light of day on the music-variety shows of the time, and considering the hit that "Wakaitte Subarashii" was, it's possible that "Kieta Namida" was very much overshadowed. Still, I think "Kieta Namida" would have been a fun tune to have seen performed in front of the cameras.


  1. Maki Michiru as a popular singer retired very early and even today there are no CDs available of her own as she had only few materials. However, she began to work as Studio singer and recorded many songs for TV commercials and company's order-made songs, without getting her name mentioned.

    In one of recent interview, I was amazed to read that Maki recorded over 2000 songs! One example I could find on Youtube was "Anatano Machi no Kotobukiya", which is welcome song of Japanese shopping mall company:

    So she have had quite interesting career as she apperantly didn't want to get famous but have kept singing as a hidden professional.

    She was invited to Miyagawa Hiroshi's Memorial Concert to sing Wakaitte Subarashii right after Miyagawa's death. What I remembered was that Maki Michiru was quietly dressed while other Watanabe Pro Stars such as Azusa Michiyo wore very gorgeous red top hat and tails. (to give her credit, the highlight of the show was Azusa doing Miyagawa's arranged very melancholic "Katteni Shiyagare" of Sawada Kenji). At the time, I thought Maki didn't feel very comfortable to show up with other stars but nowadays I understand that's rather Maki's personality... she just doesn't want spotlights.

    - Hanibo

  2. Wow this is Maki Michiru too, the Opening Theme of "Dekirukana" which was very popular children TV program

    On 35 sec, TV credits in Japanese says: Songs- Michiru and Peek-a-boo.
    It doesn't mention her last name so I wasn't able to identify it just until now.

    2010 Kayo Concert (Utacon today) Maki Michiru apperance:
    With Odagiri's interview, she says she doesn't like makeups and she wants to do lots of different kinds of music (jazz, rock and chorus) so studio musicisans are better for her than being an idol.

    - Hanibo

    1. Hello, hanibo.

      Yes, as someone who also doesn't like being in the spotlight either, I can totally understand Ms. Michiru's feelings. Singing is fine but the fame surrounding it can be a double-edged sword.


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