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Sunday, July 29, 2018

80kidz -- Weekend Warrior

Well, if the definition of a "weekend warrior" is someone who only takes part in an activity in their spare time, then I think I would certainly fit that meaning since I do the blog whenever I have plenty of free hours and minutes. I had always assumed that the term referred to folks who hit the basketball courts or paintball arenas on Saturdays and Sundays.

For Ali& and Jun of electro and nu-disco outfit 80kidz, "Weekend Warrior" is the boppy technopop title track for their 2nd album released in October 2010. Man, I'm not sure what inspired the band to come up with this one, but those must have been some pretty intensely bouncy games that those amateur athletes were playing. Actually in my head, "Weekend Warrior" provided the background music to the story of a high-flying young fellow racing through the airport so that he could make his flight down to Aruba for some major partying. Sports, nothing...this was about hitting the dance floor running!

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