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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Yudai Suzuki -- Kanashiki Aidoru(哀しきアイドル)

Considering that I had just written about the incredibly zany "Back Street Girls ~ Gokudols" yesterday, the story of three unfortunate male gangsters-turned-popular female aidoru, it's hard for me not to imagine a link between that anime and the topic of this song, although "Kanashiki Aidoru" (Sad Idol) is as far from aidoru music as anyone can get.

In fact, "Kanashiki Aidoru" is the product of singer-songwriter Yudai Suzuki(鈴木雄大), a Tokyoite who has his heart deep into the groove of City Pop/J-AOR. Indeed, after listening to this cool song a couple of times, I've put on my music sommelier's cap on and sensed some TOTO (the American band, not the toilet company) along with a bit of Sing Like Talking through Suzuki's singing (and yes, I know that SLT had just debuted).

Suzuki's lyrics seem to hint at a man's love for his favourite singer while cradling that nighttime glass of Chablis and perhaps he feels that his heroine is a pretty lonely and sad sort in her business. Well, if it's anything that the Gokudols Niji-gumi(ゴクドルズ虹組)have been going through in just their first episode, then he may have had quite the premonition. Then again, the aidoru phenomenon was in full swing in the 1980s and with him being in the music industry, he may have had some firsthand insights about that part of the industry.

"Kanashiki Aidoru" was Suzuki's 10th single from August 1985 and was also a track on his 4th album "La Shissa" from June of that year. I really do like that arrangement with the keyboards so I will see if I can get my hands on the album sometime in the future.

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