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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Michiru Kojima -- Bayside Blue ~ Yorokobi no Asa no Tame ni(ベイサイド・ブルー〜喜びの朝のために〜)

I think I did mention earlier tonight about a cooling song for these blisteringly hot times on both sides of the Pacific.

Well, it looks like I've found another one in the form of this bossa-influenced tune by Michiru Kojima(児島未散). This would be "Bayside Blue ~ Yorokobi no Asa no Tame ni" (For A Joyful Morning). A track from her October 1992 6th album which has the second half of this song title as its own title, it actually does feel like it would be perfect for morning listening while munching down on that slice of toast and sipping that cup of coffee. Composed by Toshiaki Matsumoto(松本俊明), it is that mix with the amenable sophisticated pop music from the late 80s and early 90s and some mellow Brazilian; I could almost be describing a nice brand of java here in itself.

The lyrics were provided by Miki Fuudo(風堂美起)which is a pseudonym for former 80s aidoru Mie Takahashi(高橋美枝). And since some of her aidoru tunes are up on YouTube, I will have to take a look at them as well. "Bayside Blue" was also the coupling song for Kojima's 10th single "Ren'ai Eiga wa Owari"(恋愛映画は終わり...The Love Movie Is Over)which came out in February 1993.

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