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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mayumi Itsuwa -- Wasuretakunai Koi (忘れたくない恋)

It was an all Japanese cuisine day for me. I discovered this Japanese fusion place literally across my university called Teara Lab where I had a marinated pork belly sandwich with kimchi and a Hokkaido milk tea. Pretty nice there and I'm hoping that they do grab the students once they return from summer vacation. Then some hours later, I met up with friends at the nearby yakitori place called Zakkushi where we went hog wild on the various parts of the chicken on skewers (heart, cartilage, intestines, name your favourite internal organ). That was good eating!

(excerpt only)

So I'm back home and ready to calm down. Tonight I've decided to go with a Mayumi Itsuwa(五輪真弓)number which is relatively recent to some of the other ballads from the 70s and 80s part of her career that I had been putting up. Called "Wasuretakunai Koi" (A Love That I Don't Want to Forget), it was a coupling song for her 35th single from October 1990, "Omae" (おまえ...You), and a track on her 19th album "Namonaki Michi"(名もなき道...The Road with No Name)from the same month.

The arrangements may have changed with the times but the lovely Ms. Itsuwa has kept that calm and wistful approach to her music and lyrics. She can even make a romantic breakup sound beautifully desirable. Still, I appreciate this song all the more for the fact that the strings aren't too heavy here so that there is a sense that the final separation was quite amicable.

When I listened to the entirety of "Namonaki Michi" a few days ago, I was quite happy at how the some of the songs were given that urban contemporary touch. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any other YouTube entries of those songs yet but if I do find them, I will write an article on the whole album.

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