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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Megumi Nakajima -- Marble (マーブル)

Over 3 years ago, I provided an article on the opening theme, "TRY UNITE", for the first season of the anime "Rinne no LaGrange"(輪廻.のラグランジェ)which turned out to be a nightclubby earworm for me for a good long while. Then a little over a year go, I wrote a piece on the oh-so-homey ending theme for its second season titled "Wasurenai yo"(忘れないよ。), both sung by Megumi Nakajima(中島愛).

Now I come to the opening theme for this second season which was Nakajima's 8th single called "Marble". As I mentioned for "Wasurenai yo", that ballad was the coupling song for "Marble" which occupies its own melodic niche when compared to the other two "Rinne no LaGrange" entries. Compared to that dramatic first-season theme with a light technopop beat, "Marble" is a bit more hopeful and down-to-earth although it was Rasmus Faber, who composed "TRY UNITE", also composing this opener. The song starts off with this sense of anticipation before it soars off into the air with a couple of contemplative parts, almost as if it were reflecting a typical adventure with the characters. Meanwhile, prolific lyricist Yuuho Iwasato(岩里祐穂)wrote the words about fond old memories and everlasting friendships.

"Marble" peaked at No. 20 after its release in August 2012.

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