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Friday, August 19, 2016

Chickenshack -- At Temps

It's a Friday night and I'm trying to chill out in my room right now although it has traditionally been the warmest chamber in our home. But at least, the weather seems to be coming down from its heat wave so things are hopefully prepping for fall. The fact that the Canadian National Exhibition has opened up again is a sure sign that the summer is starting to wind down.

The topic song here might also be instrumental (no pun intended) in bringing things down from a boil. I can't quite remember how I arrived at Chickenshack's (チキンシャック) "At Temps" but I was doing my usual browsing of YouTube when I just happened to stumble upon it. I had never heard of this group and there is no information about this Japanese jazz/fusion band on Wikipedia or J-Wiki, but there is a bit of data at in terms of who the members are: Hidefumi Toki(土岐英史)on saxophone, Junshi Yamagishi(山岸潤史)on guitar, Toru Tsuzuki(続木徹)on keyboards, Darek Lane Jackson on bass & vocal, Marvin Baker on drums & vocal, and Koji Miura & Takashi Numazawa(沼沢尚)on drums.

"At Temps" is a track from the band's first album "Chickenshack I" from 1986, and it's the perfect song for night listening. Toki's sax and Yamagishi on guitar provide the best musical environment to get up on the roof and watch the stars pass by, preferably with a loved one in one arm with something mellow and alcoholic in the other. I've got no idea, though, how the members came up with the name; perhaps, they came upon it while visiting a KFC. Still that doesn't take away from the lovely music on display here.

As I said, there doesn't seem to be any homepage for the band or any presence of Chickenshack on Wikipedia but there is a page for Yamagishi.

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