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Friday, August 5, 2016

Gontiti -- Brazil

I mentioned about the PSY-S album "Collection" from 1987 which had a group of artists jamming in with the eclectic technopop duo for some nice music. One of those units helping out was Gontiti (ゴンチチ), the guitar duo specializing in bossa nova, flamenco and classical music. I first heard about Masahiko "Gonzalez" Mikami and Masahide "Titi" Matsumura through that album in which they contributed the smooth "Honto no Uso"(本当の嘘...True Lies)which I fell in love with.

The duo got together in 1978 but didn't make their official debut until 1983 with their album "ANOTHERMOOD". Over the years, Gontiti have come in and out of my perception through TV performances and commercials, but that laidback style has been their calling card. They've come back again since they're taking care of the music for the new summer anime "Amanchu!" (あまんちゅ!) which I have been enjoying, partly because of the gentle background music.

So although I cannot get a full version of "Honto no Uso" online, you can still get a taste of what Gontiti is all about through their take of the old chestnut "Brazil" from their 2002 album "A Magic Wand of 'Standards'". I used to hear "Brazil" through my Dad's old set of 33 1/3 rpm records of the standards, and that version along with other later versions have been done in a Big Band style with all the pomp and majesty of a Rio carnival. Therefore, it's kinda nice to listen to Gontiti's softly, softly cover via their inimical style. Sip a caipirinha for me while listening to this one, although you'll get through the song faster than the drink for sure.

And the Rio Olympics are now in session!
by sithuseo

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