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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Toko Furuuchi - Sayonara Aishiteta Hito (サヨナラアイシテタヒト)

Having been learning the Japanese language for over 40 years, I've been able to gather some insights when it comes to comparing the two written syllabaries used in the language, the rounded hiragana(ひらがな)and the more angular katakana(カタカナ). Aside from the fact that the former is used to symbolize authentic Japanese vocabulary while the latter represents how Japanese would write or pronounce foreign words, there is a certain emotional quotient that both syllabaries express. To me, hiragana has that softer and exquisite feeling which is perhaps why a number of parents have named their children in hiragana rather than in kanji recently. Meanwhile, katakana, with all of its angles and dagger-like slashes, gives off a harsher, colder and perhaps even more militant vibe.

My so-called "theory" was what I was musing about when I saw the title for Toko Furuuchi's(古内東子)22nd single from November 2003, "Sayonara Aishiteta Hito" (Goodbye to the One I Loved) when I saw its original katakana. By rights, it should be written in a combination of hiragana and kanji so I was kinda wondering whether lyricist and composer Furuuchi had something in mind. Perhaps, Furuuchi wanted to convey bitterness in the parting between former lovers.

(cover version)

Plus, when I heard Furuuchi sing it in the music video at the top, I thought that her delivery was halting as if she were biting off each syllable in anger, frustration and sadness although she still remained her usual lovely svelte self. The lyrics also expressed that the breakup was either not totally mutual or not totally unregretted on the side of the woman. But despite the unfortunate story being told in "Sayonara Aishiteta Hito", the music is that cool wonderful R&B that I have come to enjoy from the singer-songwriter.

Unfortunately, the single didn't seem to place in Oricon but it is a track on her 11th album "Futsuu no Koto"(フツウのこと...A Regular Thing)which came out in March 2004 and got as high as No. 45 on the charts.

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