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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Labyrinth -- Yumeji Labyrinth (夢路らびりんす)

The usual biweekly Sunday outings with my anime buddy consists of lunch followed by a couple of hours of the more action-packed or supremely goofy shows. Then there is an hour of anison listening followed by a quick break out to a local Timmies or a coffee shop before we come back to catch something a bit more serious or one of the old anime movies ("Iczer One" was what we caught last Sunday). After that, there is dinner out at a restaurant.

We have a whole gamut of places that we go to. Last month involved a trip to one of the large Chinese malls out in the suburbs where we had some fine beef brisket curry and a roti with chrysanthemum tea to wash everything down. Nope, not exactly healthy dining and I did get the yellow card from my doctor a few days ago about the fact that my cholesterol is high, so I will have to pare down on the goodies...somehow.

The final couple of hours after we return from our hearty repast usually has what my friend thinks is the best of the season and/or something completely mindless/heartwarming and relaxing. This past season, his choices have wandered around the supernatural slice-of-life stuff such as "Little Witch Academia" which has filled the penultimate slot on Sunday night. The final presentation has been the moe and very laidback "Urara Meirochou" (うらら迷路帖...Urara Labyrinth City) which features four fast friends who are studying to become high-ranked fortune tellers known as urara in what looks to be medieval Japan. It finished its run a few weeks ago and it was a nice way to finish off another all-day outing.

A cute anime often deserves a cute anison for a theme so "Urara Meirochou" has "Yumeji Labyrinth" (Dream Labyrinth) to start things off. Sung by the seiyuu for those four fast friends under the collective name of Labyrinth (らびりんず), it's one of those earworms that caught me by the lobes almost immediately due to that patter in the chorus.

Finding a full version of "Yumeji Labyrinth" was a bit difficult since the powers-that-be have been tut-tutting any uploads and reacting thusly. However, I did find this repeating version. As for the Labyrinth ladies, they are Haruka Yoshimura(佳村はるか), Sayaka Harada(原田彩楓), Kaede Hondo(本渡楓)and Yurika Kubo(久保ユリカ). Aiko Takase(高瀬愛虹)took care of the lyrics while Takahiro Yamada(山田高弘)provided the music. I don't think I would ever be able to tackle the tune at karaoke but it's still pretty hum-worthy.

The above is a brief excerpt of the music video for the song featuring the seiyuu themselves.


  1. Mmmm .... dim sum in Markham ..... mmmmmmm :)

    1. You bet, T-cat. Dim sum in the burbs is darn good...especially on a rainy day like today! :)


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