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Friday, April 14, 2017

Ego-Wrappin' -- Calling Me

Pulled out this double-CD for the first time in a while since it's been a while since I've written about jazzy Ego-Wrappin'. I went with CD 2 this time which is labeled as the setsuna (セツナ...heartrending, although I will go with balladry) disc since I was well versed with the duo's active fare like the wild "Psychoanalysis".

The last track on the CD was "Calling Me" which, according to J-Wiki, is Ego-Wrappin's very first release as an indies band. It was released as a mini-album of 5 songs including the title track in 1996. I first got to hear the group with "Psychoanalysis" and with some of their later releases, my image of vocalist Yoshie Nakano(中納良恵)and guitarist Masaki Mori(森雅樹)was as a pair leading some major bohemian rockabilly jazz.

"Calling Me" is interesting since it's a more refined pop-jazz piece, perhaps along the lines of Swingout Sister. I don't know what else Nakano and Mori whipped up on that album but it would be fun to peruse to hear what they came up with their early sound. My usual images of them smash-banging in a sweaty nightclub deep in the laneways of Shibuya or its Osakan equivalent have been replaced with them performing in a place higher up at some hotel bar.

(from 1:03)

That saxophone and piano provide a fine dreamy atmosphere to go along with Nakano's creamy vocals. It's a jazz lullaby to send everyone home happily. Don't drink and drive!

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