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Monday, April 24, 2017

Top 10 Singles in Oricon History

1.  Masato Shimon                          Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun       4.6 million      1975
2.  Shiro Miya & Pinkara Trio        Onna no Michi               3.3 million      1972
3.  SMAP                                        Sekai ni Hitotsu dake     3.1 million      2003
                                                        no hana
4.  Southern All Stars                     Tsunami                          2.9 million      2000
5.  Dango Gasshodan                      Dango San Kyodai         2.9 million      1999
6.  Kome Kome Club                     Kimi ga Iru Dake de       2.9 million      1992
7.  Chage & Aska                           Say Yes                           2.8 million      1991
8.  Mr. Children                             Tomorrow Never Knows 2.7 million      1994
9.  Kazumasa Oda                          Love Story wa Totsuzen 2.6 million       1991
10. Dreams Come True                  Love Love Love             2.5 million       1995

I will have to address the absence of Southern All Stars "Tsunami" soon enough. And you can take a gander at the "Top 10 Albums in Oricon History".


  1. I'm not surprised by the presence of Southern All Stars or Kome Kome Club in this top 10! But I noticed there is no solo female singer in it, which surprised me a lot since I expected singers like Misora Hibari or Yuming.

    1. Hello, Nagaregumo.

      Yeah, that's what got me going "WHAT?!" as well. Dreams Come True could technically qualify because of vocalist Miwa Yoshida but the closest solo female singer is Namie Amuro with "Can You Celebrate?" at No. 14 with Hikaru Utada at No. 19 with "Automatic".

  2. Hello J!
    Yeah, and Namie's "Can you celebrate" was really a big hit. And SMAP are in the only guys from Johnny's in the top 10. With this kind of popularity I understand better the "SMAP Gate" of last year :D
    Utada in the top 20, damn. She really discreet for someone who had so much success. I remember an interview of tsunku about the early Morning Musume days. He said he composed "Memory Seishun no Hikari" because he didn't want to loose against Utada.


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