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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Chocolate Lips -- Foolish Girl

Yup, I do realize that I'm writing this past midnight but I was getting somewhat obsessed about getting my quota in since I skipped writing anything on Thursday. Fortunately, I did find a song that has a comfy midnight feel.

Two years ago, I discovered via one of the "Light Mellow" CDs of City Pop/J-AOR tunes this band called Chocolate Lips featuring vocalist Miho Fujiwara(藤原美穂)and musicians James Norwood and Jimmie L. Weaver. The song on that disc was "Day Dreamin'", a short but sassy funk piece that took things even past City Pop into good ol' American R&B of the 1980s.

I had wondered on the article whether their 1984 self-titled album "Chocolate Lips" was the first of a number of releases or the lone example. Well, according to Tower Records, it was the latter. That's the bad news. The good news is that apparently the album was converted into CD format back in 2015, so perhaps it's not quite as rare now.

One of the tracks is "Foolish Girl" with lyrics by Fujiwara and music by Yoshinori Monta (もんたよしのり) of Monta and Brothers fame. Somewhat more introspective and cooled down than the peppy "Day Dreamin'", this would be the sort of song to be heard while walking somewhere in the metropolis on a rainy night. My respects to Weaver on his sax and whoever was doing the guitar solo.

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