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Monday, April 17, 2017

Asako Toki -- Watashi no Koi to Tokyo (私の恋と東京)

Daimon in Tokyo
Lovely day out there. A nice happy Easter to you, especially to all you government types who unlike a lot of other people have another day off today. No worries...I won't be giving out sensitive information to those who resent.

I just came across this one today and found it lovely and perfectly reflective of the sunny weather and warmer temperatures out there in the GTA. "Watashi no Koi to Tokyo" (My Love and Tokyo) is by the lovely Asako Toki(土岐麻子)from her 2013 album "Heartbreakin'".

Composer Senri Oe(大江千里), who's been more of a jazz musician in recent years, and lyricist Toki created this seeming combination of slow 60s swing and bossa nova about a couple of folks who aren't sure when to broach the topic of taking their relationship to the next level. It almost sounds like a breezy Hollywood romance from that particular decade with Audrey, Rock or Doris. And as someone pointed out at YouTube, it's a great song to read by...or blog by.

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