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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kumi Showji -- city plot(シティ・プロット)

The above video is another one of those compilations of City Pop/J-AOR tunes that have been popping up like rabbits in recent months, and I'm glad that the first song on this particular collection is a really good one.

I'm definitely gonna have to delve more deeply into the works of singer-songwriter Kumi Showji(障子久美)since she's been providing some great soul music. Kinda knocking myself upside the head for not getting those used CDs of hers when I had the chance at those secondhand places in Tokyo. Case in point here is the song "city plot" from her 4th album "Because It's Love" from 1992. Some nice horns and some wonderful groove which means a fine car stereo song while driving down the highway.

Here's hoping that the video doesn't get taken down anytime soon since "city plot" only has its presence known here. But there are some other Showji songs on YouTube so not a bad situation.

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