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Monday, April 9, 2018

Ego-Wrappin' feat. Determinations -- a love song

It's been almost a year since I wrote up my last Ego-Wrappin' article so it was good that I listened to their BEST compilation, "Best Wrappin' 1996-2008" to remind me of some of the good stuff that Yoshie Nakano and Masaki Mori(中納良恵・森雅樹)have created.

I listened to Disc 2 labeled "Setsuna Ban"(セツナ盤)which I've taken to be their more soulful and softer side. And so I came across this lovely ballad called "a love song" which was originally on their 2nd mini-album of 5 songs cleverly called "Swing For Joy" from November 1999. Good it almost 20 years?!

With words by Yoshie Nakano and music by both Nakano and Masaki Mori, Ego-Wrappin' was backed up here by 9-piece ska band Determinations to produce this really nice mellow ballad. One of the great things about Ego-Wrappin' is that it's not all about swing jazz from a century ago with this duo from Osaka. They can also turn it up a notch in other genres such as ska. As for Determinations, their run on the stage lasted from 1990 to 2004.

Just kinda too bad that it's still pretty cold out there. Wouldn't mind listening to this in warmer, properly spring weather in an al fresco setting.

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