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Friday, April 13, 2018

So Nice -- Love Sick

Happy Friday! Back in late 2013, Toronto was pounded with a huge ice storm which took out power to several areas in the city including my neighbourhood for a couple of days before Xmas. Well, it looks like its little brother will be wreaking havoc for this weekend, so there is a good chance that the electricity will be going down once again. If so, I may not be doing too much blogging for the next couple of days. Just wanted to warn you.

Yes, this is happening in mid-April. Anyways, simply to take things away from that meteorologically unpleasant topic, let's go for something more summery, shall we? For example, how about some So Nice with "Love Sick". I mentioned about this band back in 2015 as a unit that sounded so much like the New Music group Sugar Babe with Tatsuro Yamashita and Taeko Ohnuki(山下達郎・大貫妙子)that I almost pegged them as Sugar Babe themselves.

This is another track from their debut album in 1979, "Love", called "Love Sick", this time vocalized by Misako Matsushima(松島美砂子)rather than Katsuyuki Kamakura(鎌倉克行). To be honest, aside from the different vocalist, "Love Sick" doesn't sound all that much different from "Kousoku Douro"(光速道路)which I featured for the first article but listening to each of them apart from each other, it's nice to hear some of those mellow sounds of 70s City Pop. Not sure how rare "Love" is but if other tracks show some more variety, I could be tempted to part with my yen.


  1. Love this album! It's been reissued once or twice on vinyl and CD, but as far as I can tell, the original pressing was only 200 LPs. There's a single listing on Discogs for $1300...

    1. Hello, Kai.

      I just grabbed my heart when I saw the price for that album. :) Definitely too rich for my blood but it's got some nice vibes. One of the rarest of the rare.

    2. Hello J-Canuck and Mai Foster!

      Wow, this album is really like a lost Sugarbabe album!

      It hits all the right notes and the lead singers have nailed Tats and Taeko's voice. I can believe that they used to be a Sugarbabe cover band all those years ago.

      I was disheartened when I heard someone was asking $1,300 for the original LP. However, I checked and the reissues for both 2011 and 2013 are reasonably priced.

      The re-release of this CD/LP from early this decade is as low as $16 and up to $120 (as of this writing).

      Man, I got to have this one...

      Thanks everyone.

    3. Hi, Chasing Showa.

      Yeah, I just saw a CD of the album going for 2381 yen on CD Japan. So perhaps not so out of reach at all. But I gotta a little thing called a tax bill out of the way before I make my next purchases. :)


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