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Friday, April 27, 2018

Natsuki Hanae & Yukari Tamura -- Yokubari Dreamer(欲張り Dreamer)/ Wiseman -- The Wiseman Theme(ワイズマンのテーマ)

There have been a few out-of-left-field anime this Spring 2018 season. I've already spoken about one of them, "Hisone & Masotan"(ひそねとまそたん)with ASDF dragons and a France Gall ending theme.

Another one is "Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari"(ラストピリオド -終わりなき螺旋の物語-...Last Period: The Story of an Endless Spiral)which is based on an RPG and is something of a parody on the RPG itself with one of its characters regularly bashing down the Fourth Wall. It's a fun enough comedy which reminds me a bit of "Mahoujin Guru Guru"(魔法陣グルグル)although from watching the first couple of episodes, it hasn't quite reached that show's zaniness yet. So far, the breakout characters to me are the trio that make up Wiseman (check from about 12:30 in the above video).

Still pretty early on in the series so the full versions of the theme songs aren't up yet but both the opening and ending themes are pretty darn catchy, maybe even earworm level. The opening theme is "Yokubari Dreamer" (Greed Dreamer) as performed by Natsuki Hanae & Yukari Tamura(花江夏樹・田村ゆかり)who play the characters of Haru and Choko respectively. There is something about the song that reminds me of a Disney musical (I almost expected Lumiere from "Beauty & The Beast" to welcome viewers most cordially) especially in the beginning until it returned to the usual bouncy comedy anime theme style. The song was written and composed by songwriter-guitarist no_my.

Then, comes the ending theme titled "The Wiseman Theme" by Wiseman(ワイズマン)themselves, the rival team of roving helpers and fixers that disrupt our heroes' attempts to do good each episode. The ladies are just as goofy and clueless as the protagonist Periods but they are also luckier for the most part.

"The Wiseman Theme" has those hints of old-fashioned tokusatsu hero music and perhaps even early 2000s Para Para dance music. Plus the dancing by Wiseman in the ending credits will most likely have videos of real-life people trying to emulate the characters. Sayaka Harada(原田彩楓), Akari Kitou(鬼頭明里)and Ayumi Mano(真野あゆみ)portray Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru respectively. Shoko Fujibayashi(藤林聖子)provided the lyrics while Kaoru Okubo(大久保薫)took care of the earworm-y music.

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