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Monday, April 30, 2018

Masamichi Sugi -- Mirai Seiki no Koibito e(未来世紀の恋人へ)

Forgot to mention this but it's currently the Golden Week holidays in Japan so would like to wish all of my friends over there a happy holiday season. Also, as I write this, it is now May 1st in my former country of residence so the final year of the Heisei Era has officially begun. It may be several months yet before the government announces the name of the new reign period, though.

I was enjoying listening to the "Twilight" disc of the Light Mellow series of J-AOR/City Pop music last week. And since I don't listen to the CDs all that often, it's always nice to be able to get that repeat of the first bloom of interesting music. So indeed I got that wonderful revelation again, this time through Masamichi Sugi's(杉真理)"Mirai Seiki no Koibito e" (To Lovers of a Future Century).

Originally a track on his 12th album "Made In Heaven" from June 1991, one would think that with a title like "Mirai Seiki no Koibito e", the song would be all spacy and synthesizers galore. In fact, it is a very warm and inviting number with all of the atmosphere of a vacation in the Caribbean (and guess where all of us were last May?) and plenty of cocktails with those paper umbrellas in them. Masahiro Ando(安藤まさひろ)of the fusion band T-Square contributed his lovely guitar to Sugi's words and music.

Nikala once mentioned it in the very first article on "Kayo Kyoku Plus" for Sugi but although the singer-songwriter never quite reached superstar status, he provided lots of mellow songs for other songbirds. In fact, his file on the blog shows more of his clients' names than his own which is partially why I decided to put him up front and centre tonight. Of course, the other reason is that "Mirai Seiki no Koibito e" is such a nice song to hear on a Monday.

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