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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Lindberg -- GAMBAranakucha ne(GAMBAらなくちゃね)

I'm kinda surprised that this single by Lindberg has yet to be arranged as some sort of enlivening theme song for an anime such as was the case for "LITTLE WING", which became the ending theme for the not-so-well animated "Brave Witches".

The title says it all. "GAMBAranakucha ne" (Gotta Do Our Best), Lindberg's 19th single from March 1994 has got those inspirational lyrics by vocalist Maki Watase(渡瀬マキ)and rocking beat by drummer Makinori "Cherry" Koyanagi(小柳"cherry"昌法)to spearhead any motley crew to give it their all in some kind of adventure.

The melody does sound familiar to me but didn't quite stay in the mind like some of their other hits such as "Ima Sugu Kiss Me"(今すぐkiss me)or "Believe In Love". Still, this was another No. 1 hit for Lindberg and became the 88th-ranked single for 1994. The song was also present on the band's "LINDBERG VII" which came out in June of that year. It peaked at No. 3.

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