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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mioko Yamaguchi -- Anju/Koi Suru Butterfly(恋するバタフライ)

Back in early March, I proudly crowed that I was covering the second album of Mioko Yamaguchi's(山口美央子)trio of releases, "Nirvana" when she was actively singing in the 1980s. That is still true but in the past few days, I did receive from the LOGIC STORE one more creation from the singer-songwriter.

"ANJU" was Yamaguchi's BEST album from November 1985 with all of her selections from the previous three albums plus two new songs. Now, since the original albums have come out as remastered CDs in one big bang along with this particular release, the feeling was that there probably wasn't any need to release the totality of that 1985 BEST compilation so the new "ANJU" has come out as a "single" of sorts with just the two new songs. I was fortunate to get from Toshi of the LOGIC STORE not only the CD but also a commemorative 45" with those two songs (many thanks, Toshi). Getting a donut-ban like that would make it the first time in over 30 years that I actually received a fresh vinyl record.

The first song is "Koi Suru Butterfly" (Butterfly In Love) and the second is "ANJU". Both are pretty sparkly technopop numbers written and composed by Yamaguchi.

"Koi Suru Butterfly" has a protagonist who is just as fluttery as that titular butterfly because she has butterflies in her stomach about falling in love with a friend. The melody is also as fluttery with a nice touch of techno steel drums. Yamaguchi did note on the cover that she had wanted to create something with a calypso beat.

Meanwhile "ANJU" is just a tad darker although the boppy technopop is still in there to such an extent that both songs could almost be considered to be siblings. Yamaguchi's lyrics for "ANJU" perhaps relate the aftermath of a fight between a couple with one dealing with the inevitable regrets. The percolating melody reminds me of something slightly New Wave and I could imagine an aidoru of that time singing this one on a show like "The Best 10".

The other notable thing about the two songs is that they were also produced and arranged by none other than Joe Hisaishi(久石譲)who would become famous for all of his creations for those Studio Ghibli movies.

By the way, I gotta say that I love the type face for the title! Sophisticated and 80s at the same time.


  1. I'm SO happy about this!!!!!!!!!! I love her music so much, I'm glad it's finally on CD, all of the stuff under her name now (I think)...

    1. Hi, Kai.

      Good to hear that you love Mioko's material so much. I hope that you can get all of her collection now that it's available on CD.

  2. Koisuru Butterfly is by far her best song!! x)


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