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Friday, April 6, 2018

Mitsuko Komuro -- Highway Rendezvous(ハイウェー ランデブー)

It's Friday night so perhaps it's time for City Pop once again. Whenever the name Mitsuko Komuro(小室みつ子)pops up in my memory, I always go "Ahh, yes, she's the lyricist for TM Network's classic 'GET WILD' who is NOT at all related to Tetsuya Komuro(小室哲哉)".


Holy coincidences, Batman! Anyways, Mitsuko Komuro is a lyricist and composer but she has also been a singer, albeit one who may not be all that well known. In fact, she released her 1st single "Angel Walk" in 1981 and her 1st album "Amai Yokan"(甘い予感...Sweet Premonitions)in the same year.

I am not up on enough of her discography to label her definitively but the song that I have for you tonight is "Highway Rendezvous" which was a track on her third album "Mishiranu Koibito"(見知らぬ恋人...Unknown Lovers)from February 1983Komuro provided the lyrics while Masaaki Kinou(喜納政明)came up with the City Pop-friendly melody. It probably was a nice song to have on the car tape deck while cruising down the highway.

I don't know...Komuro's voice reminds me a lot of one other City Pop singer from the same part of the decade, Yurie Kokubu(国分友里恵). There's quite a nice breeze which flows through both singers. And somehow, I get the feeling that I've heard this song before by perhaps Kokubu or another City Pop chanteuse so I will have to check out some of my albums then.

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