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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Yuko Asano -- Koi wa Dan Dan(恋はダン・ダン)

Somewhat belated news but I heard about actress Yuko Asano(浅野ゆう子)getting married late last year with the announcement coming out in early January of this year 2018. So many congratulations to her and the lucky fellow who is just a civilian not involved in the entertainment industry.

Well, I can't just let this piece of happiness go by without paying some tribute to the happy couple. And sure enough, I found this cute little song about love titled "Koi wa Dan Dan" (Love is B-Bump) which was Asano's 2nd single when she had been an aidoru. She was all of 14 years old when she released this ditty of a girl trying to make the leap to some more mature love.

"Koi wa Dan Dan" came out in August 1974. It was written by Mieko Arima(有馬三恵子)and composed by Makoto Kawaguchi(川口真), the same duo behind Asano's debut single "Tobidase Hatsukoi"(とびだせ初恋)which had come out in May of the same year.

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