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Monday, June 22, 2020

evening cinema -- jetcoaster

A couple of days ago, I did a 2-in-1 and introduced two new bands within the same article, cinnamons and evening cinema, as they collaborated on a 2017 duet called "Summertime". I figured that I had to explore some of their own discography in short order (I've taken a look at a cinnamons single).

Well, I'm starting with evening cinema that has been described as an AOR band. In July 2016, their mini-album "Almost Blue" was released with this particular song "jetcoaster" as one of their tracks. Written and composed by vocalist Natsuki Harada(原田夏樹), it's got that bluesy city groove but with also some buzzy rock electric guitar by Tomohiro Hikawa(樋川智宏). I would probably plug the song as pop/rock but maybe this is considered to be the AOR of the 10s.

Gonna still be doing some digging into evening cinema's discography, but if there are any fans of the band out there who can give me some recommendations, I'm all ears!👂

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